Euro-Collarette 300XS Fully Automatic (EC 300XS)


Main features

  • Soft start and stop, allows very high running speed, assuring the finest quality first to last meter
  • Cuts virtually all tubular-knitted fabric
  • Band widhts are easily and quickly adjustable
  • Electronic soft start and stop assures highest quality at the beginning and end of each band roll
  • Unique guide system to assure trouble free cutting of most single jersey and terry products
  • Cutting knives and pressure rollers are made of highest grade Swedish steel
  • Auto stop feature when the band roll reaches the required preset size, up to a maximum of 280 mm (11 ½”)
  • Automatic major fabric flow detectors
  • Safety guards to assure maximum operator protection
  • 300XS cuts up to 230 mm (9”) band width

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 Movie clip EC 300XS


Tubular Fabric width 35 cm* – 110 cm, (14″* – 43″) (*some elasticity required in the fabric)
Band width 16 mm – 230 mm*, (5/8″ – 9″*) (*small tubular diameter fabric reduсe the ability to cut the very wide bands)
Number of bands 5 (6 bands with additional knife unit)
Cutting capacity 5 x 0 – 60 m/min
Cutting system Scissor cutting & Crush cutting
Folded fabric Standard
Rolled fabric Extra, max 32″
Folded/Rolled fabric Extra, high prefeed to handle flat folded as well as rolled material, max 36″
Metre/yard counter Extra
Fabric hole detector This machine includes an efficient mechanical stop device
Festooner Extra
Anti-static device Extra
E-drive, electronic speed synchronization for fabric turntable Extra
True-drive: PLC-controlled speed-synchronization of fabric turn-table Extra
Dust Phantom, vacuum unit for removal of lint/dust Extra
Cut roll lifter Extra