Tubular Knit Slitter – TSO 380 G/GF

Huge fabric savings. Compared to the traditional method of producing two rolls of open-knit fabric from tubular knit for producing of tape or binding.


Main features:

• Photocell edge alignment
• Max Tubular fabric width l 00 cm (40″)*
• Max open width 200 cm (78″)*
• Equipped with Automatic Prefeed device with tension control before cutting
• Electronic tension/ control of fabric take-up
• Semi-automatic blade sharpening device
• Advanced electronically controlled speed regulation allowing step-less speed control up to 30 meters/minute
• Electronic meter/yardage counter for accurate control of rolled length or pre-setting of the required length
• Out of fabric auto stop
• Option: electronic pre-tension control between cutting and fabric take-up (GF)

pdf_logoTSO 380 G/GF Product Brochure



Maximum tubular fabric width 1000 mm (40″)
Maximal open width 2000 mm (78″)
Max roll diameter 280 mm (11″)
Reroll shaft diameter 48 mm (1 7/8″)
Cardboard core inside diameter 50 mm (2″)
Cutting blade 150 mm (6″)
Running speed infinitely variable, up to 30m/min (33 yards/min), electronic
Main motor 1.1 kW
Motor for cutter blade 0.18 kW
Power 230 V, single-phase, 50/60 ft
Floor space 350×250 cm (11.5×8.5 ft)
Net weight 600 kg (1300 lbs)